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Facebook App Development

Social media websites provide a fantastic opportunity for you to connect and participate with your target audience. And what better way to approach this type of customer engagement than with a custom application on one of the biggest and most popular sites around:

Facebook offers any company an unbelievable opportunity to spread their marketing massage by connecting with a massive audience of potential customers. Hundreds of millions of people are members of the website, with an average of 50% of all users returning to log in every day. Have a look at the latest figures here: facebook stats. The facebook applications platform allows us to create apps that effectively tie in with your existing product, service or message that you want to deliver. The marketing potential with this medium is absolutely huge!

Custom Facebook Pages and Applications

A facebook page is like a regular profile page - but for user interaction with a brand, company or public figure. An effective facebook page not only attracts fans, but is keeps fans coming back and even sharing the content of your page with their friends. For this to work, you need a well thought out page that has some great applications supported by relevant content.

If you don't already have a facebook page for your business we can create a branded page for you - this could then be populated with any number of custom applications and make sure you have a prescence on one of the most popular websites today.

Case Study: Scottish Friendly Assurance

We recently completed this facebook app for Scottish Friendly Assurance to promote their brand and engage with their customers by showing their support for the Scottish Book Trust through regular prize draws. We created an app that allows Scottish Friendly to easily update and manage the competitions through a bespoke admin control panel (pictured right). In addition a branded facebook page was created as a custom tab to advertise the app. The app was added to the facebook directory and is now gathering thousands of competition draw entries. Visit the app.

How Can Facebook Apps Benefit You?

Other social network sites have had limited success when it comes to promotion and building brand awareness. But facebook pages and applications have the potential to really strengthen your business. Below are some benfits that you could enjoy with a custom built facebook app:


Build your relationships with your customers and prospects by creating brand awareness and recognition.

Drive Web Traffic

Facebook can act as a focused hub for driving visitors to your site and other online locations.

Lead Generation and New Customer Acquisition

Facebook provides an opportunity to find consumers you may not otherwise discover. It can also act as an effective lead generation tool to qualify and build relationships with potential leads.

Client Retention

Build the relationship with your consumer with communication and participation.

Customer Engagement

Using Facebook applications can be a great way for advertising promotions, contest and events relating to your products or service.

Feedback Platform

You can use facebook to communicate with your customers and help you understand consumer behavior based on the sharing of content and commentary on the social networking site.

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