Content Management System Websites

Take control of your website! Science can design your website with built-in functionality that allows you to easily update your website whenever you want.

You're in Control

With a content management system (CMS), you're in control of your content. You can instantly update any page you want, add/remove your products from an ecommerce store or swap images as you feel necessary to keep your website fresh with new content, without having to pay a web design company to make the changes for you.

Why Would I want a CMS?

A lot of companies find it a challenge to keep their websites as up to date as they'd like. Long processes of deciding what to change, creating the content, hiring outside agencies to make the changes, approval of these changes, etc, can add up to a lengthy delay before the content actually goes live. All the while your website will be stagnating with visitors to the site seeing the same old content.

A CMS website removes this lengthy process with the ability to make instant changes and quickly publish new content. It will also save you money by reducing the number of calls needed to your web design agency or IT support company.

Simple to Use

Using a CMS and updating your website is very straight-forward and requires no technical training or knowledge of HTML, programming or how websites works. It can be as easy as updating your social media profile or using Microsoft Word! You would just log in at your CMS address (such as using your private password and start making changes to your website.

Developing your CMS

Science can develop a bespoke CMS for you, or recommend the best solution for your needs (see why we recommend Wordpress as our content management system of choice).

We have years of experience creating content management systems for all kinds of websites. Whether you want a small website with the ability to update images and a latest news page, a fully customisable blog where you'll be adding content every week, or want to build an ecommerce website with 1000's of products in your catalogue; we have the know-how to make it happen for you.

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